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'L'Antichambre de La Comtesse' 122

'L'Antichambre de La Comtesse' 122

Louis XVI style frame with laurel leaves in rose gold-plated sautoir with turquoise cabochon and drop hematites

Dimensions: 47,5 x 3,5cm (chain length 80cm)


Jewellery / Joaillerie
  • About the Collection

    HEDONE ROMANE's 'L'Antichambre de La Comtesse' presents a dark romantic interpretation to French decadence.  This fashion jewellery collection throws one back into the pompous days of Louis XIV, XV, XVI.  Enter a decandently modern universe inspired by the ornate aesthetics of those glorious times in French history.  Opulent courtly jewellery adorned with carved laurel leaves, acanthus foliage, asymmetric scrolls and romantic garlands. 

  • Jewellery Care

    Jewellery needs to be handled with care.  Please keep them away from light, heat, and chemicals.  These include sunlight, perfume, cosmetics, and household cleaning materials.  We discourage wearing jewellery during strenous physical activity.  Use a microfiber cloth or mild soap and water for cleaning.  When storing or packing for travel, keep them separate from other jewellery.

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