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HEDONE ROMANE Paris / Jewellery / Joaillerie / Paris / L'Antichambre de La Comtesse collection

          Antechambers have their secrets like the inner recesses of the mind.  Hedone Romane’s new jewellery collection presents a darkly romantic interpretation to French decadence.   “L’Antichambre de La Comtesse” – throws one back into the pompous days of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI.  Enter a decadently modern universe inspired by the rococo style and ornate aesthetics of those glorious times in French history. Opulent courtly jewellery adorned with carved laurel leaves, acanthus foliage, asymmetrical scrolls, and romantic garlands. 

                "Memoirs of Temporal Insanity" chronicles an artist's idiosyncratic journey into the recesses of the creative mind. Unveiled in snapshots of abstract moments, it explores the creative necessity to reach the point of temporal insanity to arrive at a profound expression worthy of an audience.  It reveals a certain sense of freedom associated with letting go of what is rational and attaining a romantic euphoria when the conscious meets the subconscious.  Narrated in allegorical fashion using strong visual imagery, Jeanne-Marie Chan brings a singular cross-disciplinary artistic endeavor that fuses the worlds of jewellery, photography, literature, and contemporary art for HEDONE ROMANE.

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