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'Rusalka' quadrate necklace

'Rusalka' quadrate necklace


Quadrate pendant 18k rose gold with diamonds

0,26 ct F VVS natural diamonds (approximate)

Dimensions: 3,5 x 3,5 cm motif
35 cm length of the entire piece
60 cm circumference of the chain

ON ORDER: This product is available on order. Production time is 6-8 weeks. Please allow for delays.

  • About the Collection

    Inspired by Antonin Dvorak's lyric opera, HEDONE ROMANE's Fine Jewellery line 'Rusalka' recounts the dark European forest lore of a love reunited in death and the unquiet being living in the depths of the lake.  Mythical volutes in gold and glitters of white diamonds echo the tragic tale of a water nymph condemned to her fate, luring the other in bold chains in the moonlight shadow.  

  • Jewellery Care

    Jewellery needs to be handled with care.  Please keep them away from light, heat, and chemicals.  These include sunlight, perfume, cosmetics, and household cleaning materials.  We discourage wearing jewellery during strenous physical activity.  Use a microfiber cloth or mild soap and water for cleaning.  When storing or packing for travel, keep them separate from other jewellery.

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