'Les Contes d'Olympia' earrings

'Les Contes d'Olympia' earrings


White Akoya pearls on ruffled 18k partly brushed partly polished rose gold


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  • About the Collection

    'Les Contes d'Olympia' Fine Jewellery Collection conveys doll-like fragility laced in genteel ruffles, puritanical pearls, and gold jewellery reinterpreted.  Drawn from ETA Hoffmann's gothic writings, Offenbach's opera "Les Contes d'Hoffmann", portrays Hoffmann in love with innocence and grace.  Beguiled by sweet talks, the German Romanticists is engulfed into a passionate affair with an automaton, bound in undulating ribbons of goldwork, living moment to moment in an unending cycle of delirious happiness to unfanthomable melancholy.  

  • Jewellery Care

    Jewellery needs to be handled with care.  Please keep them away from light, heat, and chemicals.  These include sunlight, perfume, cosmetics, and household cleaning materials.  We discourage wearing jewellery during strenous physical activity.  Use a microfiber cloth or mild soap and water for cleaning.  When storing or packing for travel, keep them separate from other jewellery.